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Welcome to LDEG

The Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG) is the association for UK Liberal Democrats interested in European politics.
Membership of LDEG is open to all members of the Liberal Democrat Party and of allied European political parties.

  • Simon Hughes MP
    Article: Mar 28, 2015
    By Simon Hughes MP

    This is part two of three articles by Simon Hughes MP. (Read Part One, and Part Three)

    London's place in the UK has been noticeably changed by political devolution to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast for which Liberals have long worked, but that was almost inconceivable even as recently as 1983, when I was first elected.

  • Simon Hughes MP
    Article: Mar 26, 2015
    By Simon Hughes MP

    This is part one of three articles by Simon Hughes MP. (Read Part Two, and Part Three)

    Thirty one years ago I was first elected to parliament, for the constituency of Bermondsey, across the Thames from the City of London.

    Apart from some Bangladeshis, the only other large group of immigrants in this old dockland seat were the large number of Roman Catholic Irish, who had come over in the previous 150 years. Now just over 40 per cent of my constituents are black, from a minority ethnic background or of mixed race. We have one of the largest proportions of Africans, among the largest Chinese and Latin American populations, and many people from across the European Union.

  • Page: Mar 14, 2015

    In memory of Roger Morgan and John Pinder

    Derek Honeygold, LDEG Treasurer, reflects on the passing of two great minds.

    In the past two weeks we have learned of the passing of two distinguished heavyweights in the European cause, namely Professors John Pinder and Roger Morgan, both of whom shared our membership of LDEG. I feel sure that all of us, who, like them, have devoted so much of our lives to European Unity, will feel genuine grief to lose two such distinguished colleagues in such a short span of time. They both belong to that small band who gave us genuine academic leadership.

  • Allan Siao Ming Witherick at MEU Madrid 2014
    Article: Mar 8, 2015
    By Allan Siao Ming Witherick

    Last August marked many things, the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War being one of the more important. Even for my generation it should act as a reminder of the value of the EU that is too easily missed. It also marked my departure from LYMEC, European Liberal Youth.

    Over the last decade I've worked with ALDE and it's youth wing LYMEC to fight for the things that we as Liberal Democrats believe in, not just in the UK but throughout Europe and the world. I've worked to promote democracy in places from Belarus to Spain and with it Liberalism in Armenia to Portugal. We should not underestimate the value of engaging young members- I was with one of the first groups to meet with the youth wing of HNS Croatia when we were helping to bring them in to the Liberal family.