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Welcome to LDEG

The Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG) is the association for UK Liberal Democrats interested in European politics.
Membership of LDEG is open to all members of the Liberal Democrat Party and of allied European political parties.

  • Chatham House Logo (http://www.chathamhouse.org)
    Article: Apr 23, 2015
    By Derek Honeygold in http://www.chathamhouse.org

    Chatham House Debate - Challenges and Choices for the UK: Foreign Affairs

    Those of us who were present at Chatham House last Thursday witnessed a powerful exposition of the inadequacy of the United Kingdom's foreign policy, and the enormous acclaim given to the panel surely testified to the feelings of a capacity audience.

  • Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Apr 20, 2015
    In The Guardian

    What are the Tories scared of with Europe?

    We've known for sometime that an independet review of the EU was due since it was hailed by William Hague MP in 2012.

    However, three years on, whilst it's not been kicked in to the long grass, the Conservatives have it seemed tried to turn it to provide the answers they had wanted, regardless of the evidence.

  • Graham Watson MEP
    Page: Apr 19, 2015

    Why this referendum may be lost before it's called

    by Sir Graham Watson

    When I wrote about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's reflections on the problems of life outside the European Union (Be careful what you wish for, Liberator 361, Sep 2013) I did not envisage returning to write the prequel. Before Liberal Democrats commit to supporting the Conservatives in a second term of office - should the opportunity exist after 7 May - these matters bear some thought.

  • Article: Apr 7, 2015
    By Giles Goodall in The Guardian

    From the Guardan website:

    "The Department of Health data, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that it cost £30m in 2013-14 to meet the costs of European visitors using the National Health Service. This is less than one-fifth of the £155m cost to other states in the European single market for treating ill British tourists."