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Welcome to LDEG

The Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG) is the association for UK Liberal Democrats interested in European politics.
Membership of LDEG is open to all members of the Liberal Democrat Party and of allied European political parties.

  • Event: March 2, 2015 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM
    Lady Violet Room, National Liberal Club, 1 Whitehall Place, SW1A 2HE

    If the UK leaves the European Union (EU), leading reasons are likely to be because the case for EU free movement of people and the policy responses to it have fallen short. Should free movement within the EU be considered similarly to immigration from outside the EU? What policy responses can help manage free movement and immigration? How is the public case for free movement and immigration best made? Are the Cameron proposals to tighten EU citizens' eligibility for benefit payments consistent with EU Treaties? If the Conservatives form the next government, and as other Member States are unlikely to agree a renegotiation of UK membership as currently proposed, is the UK sleepwalking towards BREXIT? What are the prospects for mobilising EU 27 citizens resident in the UK and UK expatriates resident elsewhere in the EU to vote in a possible UK referendum?

  • Document: Jan 11, 2015
    1.89 MiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    In this edition:

    • IN THE BALANCE: A report from the only remaining Lib Dem Euro MP Catherine Bearder on how the wider ALDE group is using the balance of power in the new European Parliament.
    • THE NEW UKRAINE REVOLUTION: Ian Bearder with a personal insight on what is really happening in Ukraine.
    • GREEK TV SHUTDOWN: The government shutdown of the Greek state TV service has prompted a growing row.
    • THE AUDACITY OF HOPE: Sir Graham Watson looks at Juncker and his new European Commission.
    • Former Irish Foreign Minister DICK ROCHE also writes with a piece on how to make choosing the Commission more democratic.
    • BERLIN 25 YEARS ON: Former MEP Peter Price remembers his eyewitness experience in November 1989 as the Berlin Wall came down.
    • ALBANIA: DO OR DARE: Allan WItherick on attitudes to health and safety and much else in modern Albania.
    • FOOD WASTE: Ros Scott on the House of Lords' recent Select Committee Report on Europe's colossal food waste.
    • CLIMATE CHANGE: Danish MEP Morten Helveg Petersen looks at the member states' Energy and Climate Change package.
    • ANATOMY OF DISASTER: John Pindar looks at the catastrophic recent history of our sister party in Germany, the FDP.
  • Students
    Article: Jul 10, 2014

    The number of UK students receiving EU grants to study abroad in 2012/2013 has increased to a record high of 14,572, up 7% from the previous year.

    However, despite the increase the UK still remains behind other major EU countries. Spain sent out the most students for studies (39,545) followed by Germany, France, Italy and Poland, with the UK in 6th place. Spain also remained the most popular destination for studies abroad (31,592) followed by France, Germany and the UK - which hosted 27,182 Erasmus students.

  • End Roaming Charges
    Article: Jul 1, 2014

    The cost of data roaming in the EU is being cut by more than half, from 36p to 16p, following new EU caps coming into force on 1st July.

    Making a phone call when travelling in the EU will now cost up to 15p a minute and text messages a maximum of 5p.

    However, under proposals being pushed for by Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, roaming charges are due to be abolished in the EU altogether by December 2015.