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Welcome to LDEG

The Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG) is the association for UK Liberal Democrats interested in European politics.
Membership of LDEG is open to all members of the Liberal Democrat Party and of allied European political parties.

  • Article: Jun 17, 2015

    Liberal Democrat Steve Martin highlights the difficulties with the Conservative party and their understanding of how negotiations and agreemtns work:

    "In order for Britain to introduce its own national veto, every other EU member country would need to be given the same power.

    Keeping free trade but giving the UK a veto over all EU rules would be unachievable even if Britain left the EU.

  • http://ldeg.org/referendumteam Join Square
    Article: Jun 5, 2015

    The European Union has brought many positives to both the UK and other countries. Mobility has led to young people experiencing travel that our parents could only dream of and which many of our grandparents may have only experienced with a weapon in hand.

    It's important that, no matter which side you stand on the debate, you are able to take part in it, so it is sad that, whilst an Australian living in the UK will be able to vote in the referendum, an Austrian whose lived here all their life won't (hmm Eurovision...).

  • Article: Jun 2, 2015
    By Allan Siao Ming Witherick

    It's with great saddness that we mark the passing of the Right Honorable Charles Kennedy.

    He was a great politician who stood up for many things he held dear including Europe.

    Our thoughts go out to his family at this time.

  • Sylvia Gallagher (Sylvia Gallagher)
    Article: May 28, 2015
    By Sylvia Gallagher

    By Sylvia Gallagher

    Apart from a brief flirtation with it under Passos Manuel Canavarro in the 1820/30s there is every sign that Liberalism in Portugal still has a long way to travel. Anyone living in rural Portugal outside either Lisbon or Porto may be more concerned with reading the weather than political articles especially in these long Post Salazar days when rural residents are still busy with goats and grapes and political education is in its infancy in schools.