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Welcome to Liberal Democrat European Group

The Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG), an Associate Organisation (AO) of the Liberal Democrats, campaigns for the UK's membership of the EU, and peace and prosperity in Europe.
Specifically, LDEG:
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Michael Young () attendees () Catherine Bearder () Jo Swinson () Robert Heslop, Membership Officer, Nick Hopkinson, Chair of LDEG and Thomas Cole, Northern Ireland Spokesperson at LDEG's stall Antony Hook ()

  • Article: Sep 14, 2017
    By Guy Verhofstadt in News - ALDE

    During yesterday's State of the Union, ALDE Group leader Guy Verhofstadt called upon President Juncker to use the last two years of his Presidency to launch a reform agenda:

    "The populists announced a populist spring, but reaped the opposite. A boomerang in their face: the rise of pro-European parties. Because since Brexit, it's clear what our citizens want. Reform Europe, yes! Destroy Europe, no bloody way."

    Verhofstadt warned: "But make no mistake. The fight is far from over. This is no time to sit back and to relax. People don't want "this" Europe, they want to change Europe."

    "73 per cent want more European action to solve migration, 75 per cent want more European action against climate change, the same number want a European army and even more want European capabilities to fight terrorism."

    "The time has come to build the Europe the people are asking for:

    • A real European asylum system so that we can replace the broken Dublin system;
    • A real European border and coast guard, so that people no longer die on our shores.
    • A European defense union, so that we, ourselves, are in charge of our backyard and not always Russians or Americans.
    • A European FBI so that we are really able to fight the terrorists, terrorists who know no borders.
    • A real government for the Eurozone so we can steer the European economy, create European companies that become world champions."

    Verhofstadt concluded: "We also need to strengthen our European democracy."

    "That's why I'm fighting for transnational lists, for a real European constituency. So that we lift our democracy to a continental scale. Europe is more than just the sum of 27 national democracies. Our European executive needs to be matched by a powerful parliament."

    "Our European executive needs to be matched by a powerful parliament that defends our European principles and values against governments in Poland and Hungary. "Alt-right governments", who believe Trump is the example, Trump with his white supremacy. Or Putin or Erdogan who jail their democratic opponents."

    Let's make Europe the counterweight of all this. A beacon of openness, of freedom, of hope for the 21st century."

    Vice President of the European Parliament Pavel Telicka (ANO, Czech Republic) congratulated President Juncker with his speech:

    "I can very well work with what you have said. With this vision and these ideas I can enter the Czech political arena."

    "Let's forget the five scenarios, three were not scenarios at all. The implementation of your proposals will lead to the outcome of the sixth scenario, the Union we want to have.

    "We are in a better shape, but there is still a lack of unity in the Council. A lack of political will to implement in the Member States what we have decided."

    Please do visit ALDE's website for more EU related news - http://alde.eu/en/news/968-no-place-for-alt-right-governments-in-eu-and-need-for-transnational-lists-guy-verhofstadt-in-sou/

  • Article: Jul 28, 2017
    In Sky news

    In case not seen, please see this interview which Sir Vince Cable gave to the Sophie Ridge show on Sky on Sunday


    Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has said he is working with Conservative and Labour MPs to change the Government's approach to Brexit.

  • Article: Jul 4, 2017
    By Nick Clegg, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in The Financial Times - https://www.ft.com/content/18e5dc98-5f2b-11e7-8814-0ac7eb84e5f1
    EU governments could accept an emergency brake on immigration
    At the heart of Westminster, there lurks a secret. Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn want to thwart the moderates in their party who are opposed to a "hard" Brexit. And both have alighted on the same alibi: they claim that since we cannot change the rules governing freedom of movement and stay in the single market, then we have no choice but to leave the single market altogether. It sounds neat - and democratic. After all, few would disagree that immigration in general, and EU free movement in particular, played a significant role in the EU referendum last year. EU leaders regularly emphasise the importance of the "four freedoms". And so the logic flows effortlessly: the will of the British public must be obeyed; EU freedom of movement must go; single market membership must be rescinded. This argument is self-serving nonsense.
  • Article: Jun 22, 2017
    By Chris Higman, LDEG member based in Germany

    In February, as I was writing an earlier article in this series, construction workers on a site near Frankfurt airport found an unexploded bomb from the Second World War. Motorway and railway connections to the airport had to be interrupted while the bomb was being defused. In April, on the eve of the Boat Race, a similar incident occurred in London near Putney Bridge. Last month (May) saw further cases in Hannover (with 50,000 people needing to be evacuated), Gie├čen 70 km north of Frankfurt and again in Frankfurt itself.