Irina von Wiese shines a light on voter suppression in the UK. The cost of British citizenship is too high & prevents people living in the UK from voting.

"People with "settled status" in the UK have all the rights of a British Citizen in terms of work and benefits but cannot vote in General Elections. Before they can vote they must pay £1330 per person to apply for Citizenship even though it only costs The Home Office £372 to process the application

To gain settled status people need to live in the UK for at least 5 years and demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English language and British culture. After a year of settlement, they can then apply for Citizenship. These requirements are perfectly reasonable but the cost is not.

This fee does not reduce the number of immigrants or reduce the impact on social services. It simply suppresses millions of voters who pay tax. Why are we supporting a system of taxation without representation?"

To support her petition and those denied a vote click here, please.